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Affordable Website design packages for home, small office & growing companies including:
Responsive Website design and page construction.
Logo design.
Database backend setup and data load.
Graphic design for the Website using photos provided by the client.
Email FORM scripting.
Email FORM scripting.
GUEST FORM scripting.
...and much more

Shopping cart

ZenCart's Shopping cart installation for home office, small office & growing companies including:
Store database administration.
Store Product updates.
Shopping cart integration with a Merchant account (PayPal) or an existing one.
Product's list page with links to the Shopping cart.
Product's photo enhancement and cleansing.
...and much more

Email Campaign

Custom Email templates, designed for your special Digital Marketing including:
Email TEMPLATE design.
CONTENT visit capture.
Email Campaign data collections.
Database updates based on Email Campaign.
Reports on Email Campaign's results.
Build tracking unique numbers.
Build result tracking programs.
Build "Most Valued Customer" Program based on Email Campaign results.
...and much more

Data Load and cleanups

VBA scripting and SQL queries for your data in Microsoft Excel Worksheet and your DATABASE including:
VB scripting for cleaning data in your Microsoft EXECL Sheets.
VB scripting for MATCH/SEARCH in your Microsoft EXECL Sheets
Database design (MYSql, SQLServer) .
Data load script (MYSql, SQLServer)
SQL queries for REPORTs (MYSql, SQLServer).
SQL queries for cleanups.
...and much more

Fees and Services
Service Description Startup Proprietor *Merchant Entrepreneur
*INITIAL PLAN COST (ONE-TIME FEE) 250.00 375.00 600.00 800.00
Custom Domain..
Construction of 3 pages.
Search engine registration.
5 Email Addresses.
Map of your location.ADD ON
Feedback form.ADD ON
Online payments.ADD ONADD ON
Superpages.com registration.ADD ONADD ON
Responsive design.ADD ONADD ONADD ON
Cookie's scripting.ADD ONADD ONADD ONADD ON